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    Are Prince Design London projects all the same?

    No, all solutions are bespoke to the individual client and during initial meetings your requirements are discussed to ensure a good understanding of your plans. We can also help make recommendations from our vast experience to help make with any inspiration needed. Take a look at our Instagram and also Pinterest pages for inspiration that might help you.

    How are your solutions priced?

    All projects are priced on specification. We will not only clearly state what is included but also discuss options available to you around the build solution that we will deliver. Many companies will under price a project and then add in change management on a regular basis meaning your overall cost will increase. We also understand the need to get a clear view on project costs at the beginning so we work hard with you as the client to ensure your brief is fully understood.

    What about Project Management services?

    These are included uniquely in your official quote and again is a key value add for you as the client. Project management is of course key to the success of a project and makes for a stress free delivery where you will always have a contact to speak with around status, updates, queries etc

    Where do you work?

    Mainly West, Central London, Middlesex and Herfordshire but please contact us for other areas.

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